Thursday, September 27, 2012

Water Skiing Safety and Inspiration

Water skiing has its flip side too. It is definitely not for the weak-hearted. If you cannot stomach water and getting wet, well stay away from even watching a skiing show on the TV. Also, those with spectacles have major trouble skiing.

Wearing contact lenses would mean the risk of losing them. Whereas, wearing spectacles means water droplets on the glasses and hazy vision. Drowning is another real problem facing water skiers.

The disabled people too can enjoy the joys of water skiing. Of course, the rules for participation of the disabled are mentioned and understood. This is a sport where the competition is primarily between you and yourself. To compete with oneself as anyone would vouch is the toughest thing to do.

Water skiing, though a high-adrenaline activity, it complements health too. It regulates metabolism and improves immunity. Well, that's true for almost all sports.

Every sports activity requisites different sets of skills to cope with the drills and water skiing is no exception. Certainly, balance plays a vital role in this activity. Balance stems from determined concentration and unwavering focus. And of course, concentration is achieved only when your heart is in it. First, have the passion for the sport and then it is only natural that the other traits would follow. After all, the mind is where the heart is!

You can mold water skiing the way you want it. The rules of the engagement are for fun and safety.

No one stops another from trying to innovate. Once you take to the sport, always remember that an individual found it and promoted it. You could be the special one who could make it better or even more spectacular.

Try out your permutation and combinations on the flowing and still waters and see what you can do.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Upcoming Events in Sydney - September

Whats On!

Kids in the Park – School Holiday Program

Where: Sydney Olympic Park
For all the details, click here


When: 21 September – 21 October
Location: Various Sydney locations

The theme for Art & About Sydney 2012 is “In Colour”, which looks at how we process colour and how it affects and inspires us, both as individuals and as a city.
We encourage people to join in the colour and fun from 21 September to 21 October when our streets come alive with works from international and Australian artists, curators, major cultural institutions and the people of Sydney.
See the website for full program details


When: 29 September
Location: William Street, Paddington

The William Street Laneway Festival is a true Sydney first. With no car access for the day, retailers and the community have the opportunity to reclaim this unique shopping precinct! William Street transforms into a canvas for a festival encompassing fashion, music, food and community. The public will have access to installations and one day only offers from the unique and eclectic stores that make up this Paddington gem.
For more details click here

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Water Ski Tricks and treats

Attached to a board and being pulled at high speed by a boat along water body might not be too appealing to many, but those who swear by the fun that water skiing brings on are many.

The added attraction is the possibility of being able to perform various 
tricks and stunts while being pulled by a boat.

The speed of the boat ensures that the skier is afloat while at the same time gives the person the ability to jump, stand on one leg, or do other such things. A popular trick is using the hands to stand on the water.

A skier uses his legs to hook onto the rope that is attached to the boat. Using palms, he stands upside-down and allows himself to be dragged. There are several other forms of tricks, the most common one being standing on one leg.

This is what most first-timers would try to do as soon as they think they have got a hang of the activity. Often, it ends up in humorous situations.

Jumping over a ramp is also an eminently enjoyable trick. A skier is pulled onto a ramp that is kept at an angle to the water body. The ramp, facing the sky, gives the skier the elevation required to be suspended in the air for a few seconds.

Before splashing down, the skier can do some stunts like somersault or twists and often draw huge response from an audience. Show skiing is another captivating and delightful activity.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Water Ski Equipment

Four basic types of water skis are available on the market:

* Combination: The most common types of water skis sold today are combination skis. The skis have a wider tip, so they're the best style to learn on and are preferred by beginners and advance skiers alike.

* Slalom skis: Used by skiers who prefer to use just one ski. By skiing on one ski, the athlete is able to make sharp turns and reach faster speeds.  Recreational slalom skis have a wider tail and a flatter bottom to make it easier to get up and ride straight, while advanced skis have a more tapered tail with beveled edges and a tunnel bottom. These are more difficult to ski on, but will take the skier on a much faster ride.

* Trick skis: Extreme athletes use trick skis to pull off the most outrageous stunts. Trick skis are for spinning, jumping and busting extreme moves in (or over) the water. These are shorter and wider than other style of water skis, and require much more skill. There are no fins on the bottoms of trick skis, so it's easier to slide and turn, but harder to make controlled moves while water skiing.

* Jump skis look like old-fashioned skis, but are made from a hi-tech composite material to make them stronger. As the name suggests, jump skis are used for jumping off of ramps.

The other essential piece of water skiing equipment is a rope. This is what connects you to the boat. Make sure that you have a proper rope with an appropriate handle. Water ski ropes have a flexible elastic quality, so they're able to change speeds and move with the skier. In normal conditions, polypropylene ropes will stretch two to three percent of their standard length of seventy inches.

The comfort of the rope handle is very important, and every water skier has his or her personal preference. Recreational water ski handles usually have a plastic or rubber grip. The plastic molded handles are strong and durable, and will float when dropped in the water. High-performance handles are generally comprised of an aluminum bar covered with a comfortable rubber grip. The construction is lighter, but more comfortable and durable than a molded plastic handle. Higher performance handles are hollow, so they sink when dropped in the water.

It's suggested that you wear goggles while water skiing, especially if you need to wear your eyeglasses. Protective goggles will stop water and debris going into your eyes, and will prevent your glasses from flying off and sinking if you fall into the water.

Water skiing is great exercise and a super fun way to enjoy a sunny day with friends. Strap on a lifejacket, grab some skis and make the most of your day on the water.

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