Saturday, December 20, 2014

Home Security For The Holidays

The last thing anyone needs to spoil their perfect holiday is to come home to find their possessions damaged or stolen.  

The following simple tips may be all that makes the difference between a great holiday and a not so great one and are an inexpensive way to give you the peace of mind for your holidays.

  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked in your home/garage/shed.
  •  Have your mail collected by a friend or neighbor, or have it held or redirected by the post office.
  •  Don’t leave a message on your answering machine, or a note on the door that tells callers you are away.
  •  Turn down your the volume on your phone so it can’t be heard ringing unanswered.
  •  Ask a neighbour/friend to put your rubbish bins out as usual.
  •  Consider using automatic timers to turn on a light, television or radio at different times.
  •  Leave a key with a trusted neighbor or friend and ask them to rearrange blinds, switch lights on and off at different times, etc. to make your house look “lived in”.
  •  Lock away tools, ladders and anything that could be used to get into your house, garage or shed.
  •  Ask a neighbor to park their car in your driveway occasionally to give the impression that someone is coming and going.
  •  Make sure all your valuables are stored securely.
  •  Have your lawn mowed while you are away. 
These tips may seem simple and common sense, but can make all the difference

If you are traveling for the holidays (or for any reason :-) I recommend checking out the new guide written by Henry Rustkirk, ex Airline reservation agent, entitled "Insider Secrets To Cheap Flights".

Henry has thrown in four bonus guides that come with Insider Secrets To Cheap Flights

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All the information contained here will more than cover the cheap price, and make your holidays so much more enjoyable and cost effective. 

Have a safe and happy holiday experience :-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

This year’s top “12 Scams of the Holidays”

McAfee has identified this year’s top “12 Scams of the Holidays” - I thought it worthy of reproducing here as a reminder to stay safe :-)

1.You’ve Got Mail!
— As holiday sales continue to migrate online, the risk for shipping notification and phishing scams are increasing. Though malware is a year-round risk, since many people do their holiday shopping online, consumers are more apt to click on a shipping notification or phishing e-mail because they think it is legit.

2.Deceptive Advertising
— Everyone is searching for steals and deals during the holidays. Keep your eyes peeled (and your wallet in check) when online shopping for this season’s most coveted products. Dangerous links, phony contests on social media, and bogus gift cards are just some of the ways scammers try to steal your personal information and ruin your holiday cheer.

3.Chilling Charities — ‘Tis the season for giving. During the holidays, many consumers give back by donating to their favorite charity. Sadly, no good deed goes unpunished. Be wary of fake charities that could reach you via email, or are shared virally through social media.

4.Buyer Beware
— There are just some scams that you can’t help but fall victim to, unfortunately. Point of sale malware that leads to exposing credit card information falls into this category. Make sure you check your credit card statements vigilantly and stay on top of breaking news to be aware and prepared.

— New mobile apps for Android and iOS devices are added every day. Thanks to the ongoing advancement of technology, your mobile device can control the temperature in your house, keep you connected to social media and add cool filters to your holiday photos. Even the most official-looking or festive apps could be malicious and access your personal information.

6.Getting Carded
— Digital e-cards to spread the holiday cheer are fun, easy and most importantly, thoughtful. While you may want a loved one to send you “Season’s Greetings,” hackers are looking to wish you a “Merry Malware!” Well-known e-card sites are safe, but be wary of potential scams that cause you to download malware onto your device.

7.Holiday Travel Scams
— With travel on the rise during peak holiday times, online scammers are ready to take advantage of the fact that consumers often become less vigilant about their safety. Fake online travel deal links are bountiful, but there are also risks that exist once you arrive at your destination including spyware that can access your information through logging onto infected PCs onsite.

8.Bank Robocall Scam
— When holiday spending increases and consumers are aware of the abuse to their bank accounts and credit cards, hackers use this as an opportunity. In most cases, consumers receive a fake phone call from one of these institutions from an automated (or not) “security agent” stating that the user’s account has been compromised and requesting personal information including the account password, to make changes.

9.ATM Skimming
— During the holiday season, you need cash and are usually in a rush to get it. Criminals can access your information at ATMs by installing skimming devices to steal the data off your card’s magnetic strip and either using a video camera or keypad overlay to capture your PIN. A simple solution:  look carefully at your ATM for anything suspicious and cover the keypad when entering your PIN.

10.Year in Review Traps — Many news services capitalize on the holidays by developing “Year in Review” articles. Companies should warn their employees about the risks of clicking on these types of links from their work emails. Links from phony sources could infect and compromise the security of company devices.

— With an increase in travel, activity (and bubbly!) over the busy holiday season, people are more likely to forget their smart phones in public places. While inconvenient for them, it is also way for hackers to access sensitive personal information and business data if the appropriate security measures are not in place.

12.Bad USB Blues — During the holiday season, you may see an increase in gift baskets from vendors who want to continue doing business with your company in the upcoming year. One of the most popular items in these baskets includes branded USBs. Beware of allowing your employees to use these, as undetectable malware is sometimes pre-installed on them.

To stay protected and ensure a happy and safe holiday season, follow these safety tips:

Do Your Research

Whether online shopping, donating to charities, or tracking your gifts, do your research to make sure the company you are working with is legitimate.

•Do an online search of the company you’re buying items from to see if there’s any news about recent risks
•Go to the company’s homepage to make sure it is a genuine business
•Instead of clicking on a link in an email for a shopping deal, visit the site directly

Analyze Apps

Before downloading a new app, review it to make sure you know exactly what you’re putting on your smartphone.

•Only download apps from an official app store and not a third party
•If the app requests too many permissions, do not download it. It may be requesting access to information on your phone that you would prefer to keep private, and certainly more information than it needs

Bank Carefully

People are spending more money during the holidays than they do all year. Cyber criminals may try and use this fact to more easily scam consumers.

•If your bank calls requesting information, hang up and call them back through the official main phone number. It’s important to talk to your banker through the official number so you know it is legitimate
•When withdrawing money, be aware of your surroundings. Check to make sure that you are in a safe place to enter your information. If anything looks amiss, leave
•Inspect the ATM for loose wires or machine parts that may have been tampered with. This could indicate hackers trying to fix the machine for their benefit

Stay Informed

Holiday season or not, cyber scams and identity theft happen very frequently throughout the year. Now that shopping season has begun and the danger is heightened, it is important to constantly be aware of new cyber-attacks or threats in the marketplace.

•Follow breaking news stories for new security breaches to stay alert and be on top of your game
•Only shop for holiday gifts at retailers you know have not been compromised
•Check your credit card statements often to make sure that you were not affected.

Have a great holiday season...   


Friday, August 1, 2014

England Vacation Guide

With the XX Commonwealth Games being hosted in Glasgow , I thought some info on England might be fuel for thought....


Arrival and Departure

When arriving or departing to and from England, you will probably land at the Heathrow Airport, the largest airport and one of the busiest airports in the world. It is located 15 miles (24km) west of central London; or at London Gatwick Airport, the second largest airport in the England, which is 28 miles (45km) south of central London. (No departure tax.)

Both airports are connected to London by an underground railway network. The city can also be reached by taxi that is available outside each airport's terminal.

Flight to England

It takes more than 8 hours if you are traveling from the US.

Quickest at present from Australia, is 1 stop at either, Bahrain, Singapore, or Hong Kong ,depending on airline. Expect 22 hours minimum, if the winds are favorable, up to 26 hours if the wind is against you. 

Time to visit

The best time to visit England is during the months of July to September, when the weather is at its best and daylight hours are the longest. However, this is also the time when tourists visit England so the rates are higher, the streets are more crowded and the queues are longer. Low season is from November to March. If you do not mind the chilling cold of England winter and would like to take advantage of the cheaper rates, then take your pick from these months. Shoulder season is from April to June and the month of October.

Where to go

England may be a small country but it offers a lot of attractions, museums and world renowned sights that you should not miss visiting. Visit some of the following sites: the Buckingham Palace, the Westminster Abbey, the British Museum, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, the National Gallery, Shakespeare's Globe Theater, St. Paul's Cathedral, Sir John Soane's Museum, the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, Notting Hill, the Trafalgar Square and the Admiralty Arch, among others.

Where to stay

Hotels are abundantly available especially in major cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Liverpool. However, hotels in these cities are very expensive especially during the high season. Premium price is paid for rooms with bathrooms.

For a budget traveler, Bed and Breakfasts are the preferred choice. They are cheap, clean, convenient, comfortable and hospitable. Bathrooms are often shared with other guests but the rooms are generally comfortable.

Getting around

• Renting a car – If you are traveling as a group and planning to explore the country side, then renting a car is a good choice. But pass on car rental option if you will spend most of your time in the city.

Note: The driver seat is at the right hand side of the vehicle like here in Australia.

• Bus, taxi and the Tube –Buses, taxis and trains are the most popular means to get around the city. London is popular for its double-Decker buses. All cities and towns have bus services as well. All cities have taxi services. Taking the underground railways system in London (or what is commonly referred to as the Tube) is a good experience. Suburban rail services are available in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and the cities in Newcastle and South Yorkshire. Tram routes are available in south London.

• Boats – Commuter and leisure boat services are available on the River Thames. 

Eliminate your Accommodation Expense

Save thousands of dollars by providing home security and pet care. Opportunities for housesitting are available around the world from House Carers. 

Immediate registration and real time updates allow instant viewing of your profile by owners.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Visiting Sacred Sites

Visiting a sacred site can be a useful tool to open something within you that has remained inaccessible.

Sacred sites can appear insignificant to those who close themselves off from the notion of a living earth. But sites can provide us with a link to a unified consciousness that involves the living and the dead, infinite cultures, the physical plane, and the spiritual world. When we look beyond well-known sites like Stonehenge, we discover energetically active sites such as the Iron Age fogou caves of Cornwall, England, or the pyramids of Meroe in the Sudan. Similarly, it is easy to imagine that hallowed places exist only in remote or exotic locales. 

Yet many of the most richly vital sites are easily accessible, and visiting these lesser-known sites can be a profoundly moving experience. One such site, Serpent Mound in Ohio, was thought to be created by the ancient Adena peoples nearly 1,000 years ago to align with the summer and winter solstices. Its precise purpose remains unclear, but many who visit the site conclude that it was meant to be a conduit through which cosmic energy could flow into the earth.

The sacred sites that call to you from afar—capturing your imagination and resonating deep within your soul—will nearly always be those that can help you forge a deeper connection with the divine energy that sustains all life. During your pilgrimage, reaffirm your intention to accept whatever gifts are conveyed to you through the sites you visit. Your receptiveness will help you establish lasting relationships with these sites so that you can draw upon their peace and their power from wherever you are. 

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Finding the best hotel deals

When it comes to hotels, things boil down to a tradeoff between low cost and convenient location.  In many cases, especially when traveling to major cities and popular attractions, the closer the hotel to the city or attraction the more you can expect to pay.  The best way to save money, particularly in large cities, is often to stay in the suburbs.

Of course, this means that you will spend more time getting to the places you want to visit, and this will mean spending additional money on gasoline, etc.  It is important to compute all these costs to make sure that you will really be spending less on a less convenient hotel room.

There are of course a number of ways to save money on hotels and motels without compromising quality.  For one thing, a membership in an auto club also entitles you to discounts on hotel rooms, as does military service and senior citizen status.  When inquiring about a hotel room, always inquire about discounts that may be available.

The following brief video gives a number of websites to look at for accommodation deals and freebies.

In addition, shopping early for a hotel room can often yield the best deals.  That is because hotels often reserve a block of low cost rooms, and when they are gone they are gone.  Thus the last room at a hotel may be much more costly than the first.  Getting the best hotel room deal is often a matter of timing.

Of course getting a great deal on a hotel will mean nothing if the place is a dump.  Shopping for a budget hotel should not mean settling for a hotel that is dirty, poorly run or in an unsafe location. 

Fortunately, finding a good budget hotel has been made much easier with the help of the internet.  What used to take weeks or even months to research can now be done in a matter of hours or even minutes.  Many hotels, even budget properties, feature pictures of the property and the surrounding area, so be sure to research the property you are considering if you have never stayed there before.

It is important to research the area in which the hotel is located as well.  Be sure to check out things like restaurants and attractions within walking distance of the hotel.  Doing some research on the area will help ensure you do not end up staying in a dangerous neighborhood just to save a couple of bucks.

As shown in the above video, the internet also provides a number of review sites where those who have stayed in various hotels share their experiences and their impressions of the hotel properties.  These review sites can be very useful for travelers, particularly those traveling to a new location for the first time.

In addition, the internet hosts a number of comparison web sites where travelers can easily find and compare hotel properties for their individual dates of stay and destinations.  These web sites offer a number of ways to search, including distance from a particular tourist attraction, price, star level and more.  The only caveat to consider when using such a web site is its independence.  

Some comparison web sites feature only properties that pay an advertising fee, so using a comparison site does not necessarily guarantee the best price.  It is best to use a number of such web sites to get a true picture of the lowest prices available.

travelfactory CPA

Friday, April 18, 2014

Introduction to budget travel

The world of budget travel is one of the most exciting and interesting, and in today’s world traveling on a budget is becoming more and more of a necessity. 

 Keeping costs low while traveling is important, whether you are a solo traveler seeing the world for the first time or a family with a carload full of kids heading for the beach or the theme park. 

When it comes to coming up with a travel budget, the first step should be to decide what is important to you and where you can cut back a bit. For instance, some travelers are comfortable spending a bit more for a better class of hotel, while others prefer to save money by using budget accommodations and spend the money they saved on sightseeing or a special meal for the family.

As with other aspects of finance, it is a good idea to create a travel budget. Determine a budget for the various aspects of your vacation, such as hotel, airfare, rental cars, sightseeing, gasoline, etc. Once you have a good idea of what each element of the vacation should cost, it is time to start shopping around for the best deals. 

Once you have determined what is most important to you, it is time to start determining how to get the best deals. Often, admission deals on area attractions are the easiest to come by, since many theme parks, museums and other destinations run specials to attract out of town guests. 

To score big discounts on area attractions, the best place to start is the web site of the attraction itself. Be sure to check the web site for any specials, such as two for one deals, free admission for children, special reduced admission days, etc. 

If you are a member of the military, a senior citizen or a member of an organization such as AAA, there are often additional discounts available. Most AAA offices sell discount admission tickets to theme parks, museums and other popular attractions within driving distance, and most AAA offices sell discounted admissions to popular attractions like Walt Disney World as well. The key to making your travel budget stretch farther is to ask about, and take advantage of, all discounts that may be available. 

If you are driving to your destination, one great way to make your travel budget go further is to make sure your car is in tip top shape before embarking on your trip. Small details, such as under-inflated tires or worn spark plugs can really eat into your gas mileage and end up costing you a bundle, especially on a long road trip. 

A good map can also be a money saver, since it will keep you from driving around in circles and wasting gas. Finding your way easily to and from the hotel and the surrounding area will make your vacation more pleasant and less costly. 

No matter how you save money on your next vacation, having a budget and sticking to it will help you enjoy your vacation more, and worry less about paying for it. 

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

This Week's Top 20 Travel Deals

Travelzoo Australia Weekly Top 20

Every week we search more than 1,000 companies worldwide for
their very best deals and compile this Top 20™ list.
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TOP 20 DEALS * -- 16 April 2014

$159 -- Gold Coast Resort Stay w/Unlimited Theme Park Entry
Source: Sea World Resort & Water Park

$999 -- South Pacific: 5-Star Hotel & Flights ex Sydney
Source: Spacifica Travel

$170 -- Tuscany 7-Night Break w/Wine Tasting & Cooking Class
Source: TravelBird

$219 -- 2-Night Sydney CBD Hotel Stay for 2, 44% Off
Source: Park Regis City Centre

$69 -- 'Exceptional' Waterfront Dining for 2 in Pyrmont
Source: Sugaroom Restaurant & Wine Bar

$299 -- 3-Nt Le Méridien Stay near Phuket w/Extras, 58% Off
Source: Le Méridien Khao Lak Beach & Spa Resort

$225 -- Yarra Valley Award-Winning Hotel Stay w/Wine Tasting
Source: Balgownie Estate

$1869 -- 11-Day China Tour w/Meals & Flights, Save $1459
Source: Travman Tours

$108 -- 4-Star Laneway Apartment Stay in Melbourne CBD
Source: SuperSearch

$11 & up -- Tours & Sights in NYC: Deals with up to 55% Off
Source: Various Providers

$176 -- Hotel Stays across England & Wales w/Meals & Wine
Source: Great Little Breaks by hotelshopUK

$29 & up -- Jetstar Australia-wide Easter Sale
Source: Jetstar

$215 -- 3-Nt Bali Stay w/Private Outdoor Jacuzzi & Cocktails
Source: Swiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar

$489 -- Stay at a Boutique Spa Retreat in Byron Bay, 45% Off
Source: Mullum Sari Holistic Gym & Medi-Spa

$75 -- Stand Up Paddle Boarding Lesson for 2 in Whitsundays

$199 -- 2-Nt Central Coast Stay for 2 w/Breakfast, 45% Off
Source: Forresters Beach Bed and Breakfast

$69 -- Barbados Hotel near Beach w/Daily Breakfast, 50% Off
Source: Time Out Hotel

$370 -- 3-Nt Margaret River Cottage Stay for 2, 30% Off
Source: Bussells Bushland Cottages

$132 & up -- Regional Australia & East Timor Flight Sale
Source: Airnorth

$3243 & up -- For 2: Norway Cruises on Sale, 25% Off
Source: Discover the World Cruising

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Safety First When Traveling

You can find a lot of safety tips in online and
offline resources for traveling whether it is for
pleasure or for business. 

If you want to make the most of your trip, safety first when
traveling is very important. Check out the video from Soniastravels for some great ideas.

Here are some other things that you can do to ensure
your safety:

1. When traveling, it's natural to carry
luggage. If you need to place luggage tags, just put
your email address and never indicate there your name,
phone number, and home address.

2. Air traveling is a big part of holidays.
One effective shield that you can use against an attacker
(if there is trouble on the plane) is the seat straps.
You have to use all your strength in ramming the strap
on the attacker's face. This move will cut off the
attacker's vision and then you can kick
that individual in the groin or in any other sensitive
body part.

3. Don't forget to bring a handy flashlight and
batteries. You can use it if there is no light or even
use it against an attacker if needed.

4. Don't forget to carry wallets. If you want, you can
take two wallets with you. One wallet can contain some
non-important items and cash while the other
wallet should contain your important IDs, insurance
cards, cash, and emergency contacts. Keep the wallets
in separate places. For instance, the insignificant
wallet can be placed in your pant's back pocket and
the important wallet should be in your coat's front

5. When eating in foreign restaurants, it is a good idea to
acquaint yourself with the place's layout. Take note
of the front and exit doors.

6. Charge your mobile phone at the hotel. When you
leave, bring it with you and other gadgets that can be
easily carried.

7. Never travel alone. Through there are some
travelers who do this every time they travel, you
shouldn't take the chance. Who knows, perhaps they are
just lucky but you'll never know what's going to
happen in the next few hours. Always be prepared.
Remember that devious individuals are just waiting to
see a helpless traveler, alone and vulnerable.

8. You must be mentally alert at all times. Observe
the people around you, how they move or look at you.
Recognise any uneasy feelings if something's going to

9. Before you travel to a foreign place, it's
best to make hotel reservations in advance. That way, you don't
have to fumble or ask for directions trying to
locate your hotel.

10. Don't travel with so much luggage unless
needed. Try to wear comfortable clothes and don't wear
something that might attract the attention of bad
people. Be simple as you are. For women, avoid wearing
high-heeled shoes when traveling.

Have a great holiday :-)

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This Week's Top 20 Travel Deals

Travelzoo Australia Weekly Top 20

Every week we search more than 1,000 companies worldwide for
their very best deals and compile this Top 20™ list.

TOP 20 DEALS * -- 05 March 2014

$129 -- Melbourne CBD Hotel Stay w/Breakfast, 35% Off
Source: Mercure Melbourne Therry Street

$2299 -- 11-Day Tour of Japan inc Flights, Save $1700
Source: Nexus Holidays

$149 -- 4.5-Star Darling Harbour Hotel, Save 42%
Source: Novotel Rockford Darling Harbour

$495 -- 5-Nt Gold Coast Apartment Stay, Reg. $790
Source: Holiday Holiday Apartments at Circle on Cavill

$159 -- Parmelia Hilton Perth Stay w/Breakfast & Wi-Fi
Source: Parmelia Hilton Perth

$1340 -- Luxury 7 Nts in Airlie Beach w/Flights, $620 Off
Source: My QLD Holiday

$3699 -- For 2: New Year South Pacific Cruise, Save $1919
Source: Travelzoo Signature Deals

$399 & up -- Sunshine Coast Resort Sale; 3-, 5- & 7-Nt Stays
Source: Atlantis Marcoola

$584 & up -- 5-Nt Bali Holiday inc Flights, Save up to $235
Source: Virgin Holidays

$129 -- 4.5-Star Hunter Valley Stay w/Late Checkout, 44% Off
Source: The Sebel Kirkton Park Hunter Valley

$3699 -- 13-Day Luxury China Tour w/Flights, $926 Off
Source: Destination International Holidays

$75 -- Cairns CBD Hotel Stay, Save 29%

$139 -- Fly One Way to 3 New Zealand Cities, up to 49% Off
Source: Jetstar

$89 -- ‘Madama Butterfly’ Opera on Sydney Harbour, 32% Off
Source: Opera Australia

$320 -- Coober Pedy: Underground Hotel w/Dinner & More
Source: Desert Cave Hotel

$199 -- One Way Arnhem Land Flights from Darwin
Source: Airnorth

$561 -- NZ: Early Bird Season Ski Pass for Cardrona, 54% Off
Source: Cardrona Alpine Resort

$184 -- Paris 4-Star Hotel near Champs Elysées, Half Price
Source: Le Méridien Etoile

$39 -- 3-Hr Abseiling Adventure near Melbourne, 51% Off
Source: Melbourne Adventure Company

$20 & up -- Greyhound Coach Fares across Australia (one way)
Source: Greyhound Australia

Sunday, January 26, 2014

This Week's Top 20 Travel Deals

Travelzoo Australia Weekly Top 20

Every week we search more than 1,000 companies worldwide for
their very best deals and compile this Top 20™ list.
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Compare and save on your Travel Insurance and
receive a $50 wine voucher

TOP 20 DEALS * -- 22 January 2014

$165 -- Luxury Hilton Surfers Paradise Stay w/Lounge Access
Source: Hilton Surfers Paradise

$1690 -- Hawaii: 6-Nt Break ­inc Flights & Bonuses, $675 Off
Source: My Hawaii

$169 -- 5-Star Pullman Cairns w/Upgrade & Spa Credit
Source: Pullman Cairns International

$765 -- 4-Nt Daydream Island Getaway w/Flights, $239 Off

$826 & up -- Return Flights to Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh­ City
Source: Malaysia Airlines

$369 -- For 2: Sunshine Coast 3-Nt Short Break, 39% Off
Source: San Marino by the Sea

$425 -- 5 Nights in New Bali Hotel w/Extras, Reg. $668
Source: Ossotel Legian

$1599 -- 6-Day Myanmar Tour w/Meals & Pilgrimage Site Visit
Source: Southern Breeze Travel & Tourism

$135 -- Swan Valley Resort Stay w/2-for-1 Spa Voucher
Source: Novotel Vines Resort & Country Club

$445 -- 5-Star Khao Lak: 3-Nt Thai Beach Escape, 41% Off
Source: Le Méridien Khao Lak Beach & Spa Resort

$1090 & up -- Flights to LA & San Fran on Sale, Save 37%
Source: SuperSearch

$128 & up -- South East Asia Beach Resorts Sale, 50% Off
Source: Hilton Hotels & Resorts

$440 & up -- 8-Day Kenya Safari inc Masai Mara, Save 20%
Source: Geckos Adventures

$419 -- Snowy Mountains 3-Night Break, 1 Night Free
Source: Alpine Habitats

$78 -- NZ: Waitomo Glow Worms & Ruakuri Caves, 28% Off
Source: Discover Waitomo

$126 -- Suite at Vegas 'Top 10' Hotel, Save 35%
Source: Platinum Hotel and Spa

$965 & up -- Flights to Japan during Cherry Blossom Season
Source: Air China

$444 -- Norfolk Island: Stay 4 Nights and Save 25%
Source: Paradise Hotel & Resort

$45 -- For 2: Celeb Chef Tapas & Cocktails at 5-Star Hilton
Source: FIX Cocktail Bar

$7803 -- Kimberley Cruise w/Helicopter Flights, $1377 Off
Source: Kimberley Quest

This Week's Top 20 Travel Deals

Travelzoo Australia Weekly Top 20

Every week we search more than 1,000 companies worldwide for
their very best deals and compile this Top 20™ list.
Thank you for subscribing. Please forward this to a friend!

Compare and save on your Travel Insurance and
receive a $50 wine voucher

TOP 20 DEALS * -- 08 January 2014

$250 -- Hunter Valley Boutique Apartments, Half Price
Source: The Longhouse

$146 & up -- 4.5-Star Sydney Darling Harbour Hotel
Source: HotelClub

$410 -- Cairns 3-Night Apartment Stay, Save 30%
Source: The Lakes Cairns Resort

$1350 -- One-Week Fiji Resort Stay w/Flights, Save 33%
Source: Travel Online

$799 & up -- 2-for-1 Sale on Egypt Trips
Source: My Adventure Store

$50 -- Top-Rated Bali Whitewater Rafting w/Lunch, 33% Off
Source: Bali Adventure Tours

$267 & up -- Seat Sale: Fly Return to KL from 5 Oz Cities
Source: SuperSearch

$5 -- NZ: One-Way Campervan Rental (per day)
Source: Drive Now

$29-$38 -- One Way Rail Tickets: Paris to Regional France

$456 -- 4-Night Busselton Break for 2, 1 Night Free
Source: BIG4 Beachlands Holiday Park

$2410 -- 8-Day West Africa Cruise, Save 50%
Source: Inca Tours

$324 -- Sunshine Coast 4-Night Hinterland Escape for 2
Source: Tanglewood Gardens Rainforest Retreat

$321 -- 3-Nt Clare Valley Midweek Stay for 2, 33% Off
Source: Clare View Accommodation

$96 & up -- Regional Flights to Southern Australia (one way)
Source: Sharp Airlines

$292-$517 -- 5-Star Maldives Hotel w/Breakfast, 30% Off
Source: Iru Fushi Beach & Spa

$91 -- NZ: 2-Hr Zipline Tour in Queenstown, Reg. $119
Source: Everything Queenstown

$327 -- NSW South Coast Cabins for 4, Save 25%
Source: Discovery Holiday Park - Pambula Beach

$45 -- National Zoo & Aquarium Entry w/Animal Encounter
Source: National Zoo & Aquarium

$157 -- New Manhattan Hotel near Central Park, 60% Off
Source: Hilton Garden Inn New York/Central Park South-Midtown West

$780 -- TAS: 4-Night East Coast 2-Bedroom Villa Stay
Source: White Sands Estate